Compliment from Person we support

10th September 2018

We just wanted to share a compliment that was e-mailed to us from a person we support and their family. Well done team for your outstanding work!

Reach Newport Support Partnership have been supporting me for about a year now.  Looking back I can see the difference it’s gradually making in my life.

I wish to thank you very much for managing and putting together a good team at the NSP.  If I may also thank the following team members please:

My support worker is Megan (nicknamed fairy godmother!).  She’s always patient and sensitive to my health needs and very helpful when anxiety or panic sets in. She adapts to anything that’s important to me at the time eg. Completing difficult forms before deadlines. Also encourages me to deal with important phone calls and letters. Megan has taken me to hospital when there’s been no-one else. I always look forward to her visits and good sense of humour, always making cheering me up 😊

Whenever I call the office, the staff pick up quickly and welcome in a cheerful manner.  Most of the time I speak to Sarah.  She is so friendly and easy to talk to. Always patient no matter how many times I’ll call or if I’m struggling to find the right words. If a matter needs looking into, Sarah will offer to call back and fortunately for my anxiety levels, she always keeps her word 😊

I’ve been fortunate to spend some time with Maria, the office manager.  She’s offered me wise encouraging words just at the right times.  I’m amazed how efficient Maria is at getting things done as well as her vast knowledge whilst being so kind and down to earth 😊

I’ve also been fortunate to spend time with Lisa. She too has offered wise encouraging words just at the right times. She’s wonderful company, very friendly and understanding, She reminds me of my friends who I miss since I moved away 😊

I’m aware a lot of work goes behind the scenes so I’m grateful to all staff and volunteers who work hard to make a positive impact in our lives.  Thank you!

When my consultant heard NSP are supporting me, he seem very pleased. He indicated to Megan and in a letter to my GP, that I really do need it. I agree and hope it can continue. With past experience, when regular support is removed or eventually replaced it usually causes a big setback partly because of the difficultly I have adapting to changes and building trust again with others.  Unfortunately, not all agencies in the field of support or care, do what they say.

Having a mum who is more positive with the current set up also a welcomed relief for my son who is a young carer. He’s able to concentrate a bit more on his studies and it’s been reflected in his recent exam results. So thank you for the difference you’ve made in both our lives!