I was booking in a service delivery plan review this morning for Glenys Lovesy, I spoke to her daughter Jackie who was very appreciative of the community support service they receive from us. Jackie informed that as she works full time most of her annual leave is used to support her mother with appointments. Jackie stated that Reach are fabulous as we give her the quality time with her mother and it is better than winning the lottery.

Jackie Hayes - 28/04/2018

Emailed received: I just wanted to say a big thank you to you and to the girls who looked after Mum on Sunday afternoon.  I was able to actually enjoy the day (training day) and play an active part without continually looking over my shoulder to check she was OK.  Thanks for managing to arrange it super-quick and I won’t hesitate to give the service lots of mentions and praise in my day-to-day job (especially when people are considering legacies in their Wills….

Once again, Many thanks

Kim De Vall - 24/07/2018

Mrs Sheppard rang to say the girls were really good with her husband yesterday and the fact they didn’t need to ring her about anything meant she had a lovely relaxing, enjoyable day.  She felt that they had looked after him really well because he was so calm during the evening, also because he had already eaten when she got home meant she could relax when she got in as well. It really made a difference to her knowing he was looked after well.

Pamela Sheppard - 19/07/2018

Marie Curly told her Support Worker Julie that since she has been going it has changed her life being able to get out and about

Marie Curley - 04/07/2018

Phoned to let us know that her mother had passed away advised that she passed away a little while ago. She wanted to pass on to all of the staff team that went out to her Mum many thanks for their visits.  Not only did you all provide respite but Mrs Stone enjoyed your company and the whole family are grateful for the time you spent with her.

Christine Kelly - 23/08/2018

Office staff spoke to Mrs Cross recently wife who said Support Worker Tracey is brilliant with Roger and has loads of patience with him.  She likes to hear the laughter and trusts Tracey completely. It was hard to get the feeling Mrs Cross put over into written words genuinely don’t show how much she appreciates Tracey going there.

Carol Cross - 30/08/2018

Mrs Faulkner was very appreciative of the service we provide and stated that Mr Faulkner is motivated so much on a personal level by the support we provide and that it provides Mrs Faulkner the freedom to go out.

Gwynneth Faulkner - 12/09/2018